2014 Web Specials!

summer_2014_santafemichaelIt’s 2014 and Santa Fe Michael is running a couple of custom WordPress special with other goodies. $195 Custom WordPress driven Web sites on your host! We have experience with computers and networking all the way back to 1983 in the days of eight inch floppies, tape drives and acoustic modems at 300 baud, and Web Design work since 1994 in the pre-Windows 95 days of Windows NT, and then later onto a certification in Red Hat Linux Network administration. With five Internet related patents and an unparalleled ability to get out deliverables, on time, our service is hard to beat.

Evergreen content is one our specialties with technical pieces, or trendy hot topics of the day to travel and cuisine. Our custom content starts at $.10 per word. We are local to Santa Fe and Albuquerque, but we build Web sites all over the country from small businesses, all the way up to enterprise level corporations provided with specialty database applications serving multiple geographical areas and up to three million people.

When you want your Web site to be database driven and easy to use with an easy interface to add new content, please use our contact form today! Ask about our “business card” Web site and other Web specials for even greater savings to start your new Web site today!

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