About Us

Hello, this is Michael from Santa Fe Michael Web Design in and about Santa Fe, New Mexico proudly serving Indian Country, Albuquerque and all of the land of entrapment. The high desert does get under one’s skin. I offer custom Web Design and database management from the smallest of business card Web sites to full-blown e-commerce sites with thousands of products and this page is a little more information about us.

My experience with computers dates back to 1983 when I built my first one from a kit! At the time that computer has MS-DOS 1.0 in four Read Only Memory (ROM) chips and had a whopping 12K of memory. There was no hard drive, programming on that model was saved to a magnetic cassette tape. Not long after I built that I got a surplus eight inch floppy drive and tape setup and I thought I was truly styling and profilin’.

I started online with an acoustic modem where you actually stuck the phone handset into a foam cradle and it transferred data at a whopping 300 baud!

I’ve been at this a long time, I have a lot of experience dating from the older technology right on up to the current cutting edge technology of smart devices from both the consumer market and the business market.

Web Design and artistry are my passion, so you can be assured that I will see to your every detail and make sure everything works properly to your specifications.

Contact Santa Fe Michael for your custom Web Design and Database Management needs today!

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