Amara Madhuri, Sacred Healings, a newly freed Web site

Screenshot of Amara Mahuri's Sacred Healings Worldwide Web site.

Screenshot of Amara Mahuri’s Sacred Healings Worldwide Web site.

I gave Amara control of her data. When I started Web Design and then programming, we started with HTML language, and an index page formed the structure of a Web page to make it work. Now there are multifunctional multimedia Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress. I take the data from your old Web site and give it back to you in WordPress. We can transfer your old data today, it’s our most popular option. Amara enjoyed her experience, take control of your Web data and let Santa Fe Michael Web Design put you in charge of a CMS today. The vast irony is I am again, putting myself out of a job. Amara said about her new Web site, artfully recreated with WordPress:

I absolutely love my new website! I had searched for a long time for the right person to build it, and then I found Michael. He is competent, easy to talk to and had some very good suggestions to help make my site productive and captivating. He did exactly what I wanted and then added his own personal touches which were great! I am very pleased with his work!

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