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Everyone is asking for it and now we have introduced the new monthly plan to keep your WordPress site updated with the latest updates plus you get an added two free posts made for you with news about your business. For only $20 per month you can receive this valuable service for small business owners who don’t have the time to update their WordPress Websites. (For WordPress sites only.)

The places that sell you a domain offer $5 Web sites sound good at first but you are then bombarded with ads from them to make it do something. And that WordPress service is at least $399 for the economy version even from the big volume Web registrars. When you bought your domain from any of the mega-web registrars they always offer expensive WordPress installation services.

Our inexpensive prices beat theirs and you actually get personal service from Santa Fe Michael Web Design. Not some twenty-minute wait on a phone with answers that are usually confusing and lacking from someone far offshore.

When you need a way to build your customer base, and add to your client lists, or well-researched original content, and much more for as low as $25 an hour – please use Santa Fe Michael Web Design for all of your Web, E-commerce, unique design skills, and database programming needs!

Please scroll down for a full description of each offering.

One of our most purchased plans is the ‘transfer existing’ Web site, either a WordPress site or another framework, to a new install of WordPress with auto-update and custom features that users have come to expect including custom logins and registration to match your site. In addition, this renders your old Web site as a responsive design with your content that will be pleasing and easy to use on smart phones, almost half of any small business client base. SEO is always included.

Ask about our custom WordPress special for as low as $285 or Click Pay Now above on this page in the drop-down menu for immediate scheduling for all of our offerings. See below for full descriptions of package deals.

We also provide custom Web site business solutions and specialize in Windows, Linux, MySQL and PHP, and a range of InterWeb programming. If you don’t see it ask by sending an email or going to our Contact Page.

Important Notice: Having a WordPress Web site requires the owner to log in and add or take away content on a regular basis. A live Web site does not just lay there, it requires a bit of work on the part of the Web site owner. We make sure that you get the one-hour training you need when the Web site is delivered, but you must actually log in or you won’t be able to see the benefits. Take advantage of our experience to learn how your new Web site works so you can have a vibrant and growing Web presence on the Internet. Our subscription service that includes the posting of two blog posts based on your email updates sent in bimonthly may be right for you as well, we know how hard it is to format new content each month for your Web site.

The Basic WordPress Web Site option is a complete WordPress Web site with a short one-hour phone tutorial to help you get started.

The Basic E-Commerce WordPress Web site includes up to ten existing products and complete instructions and personalized help to get you started adding your own items and categories to get you started.

The Transfer into WordPress Framework option includes moving your static existing Web content, or outdated non-updated WordPress into the autoupdating and current WordPress framework where you will be able to then edit pages and posts for yourself, saving you time and money in adding and changing your own Web content. This comes with SEO and content massaging as well as custom logins and registration screens.

Our Business Card plain HTML Web page is done completely within Google Webmaster Guidelines, we even provide White hat Search Engine Optimization that uses no tricks nor traps that could get your ranking pushed down. Don’t use the risky offers that “promise” to get your page to the very top the next day, it does not work that way. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

* The Update option is for new Basic Web sites to either a Transfer Existing or an E-Commerce site only. It is not available for previously built Web sites.

*Our monthly update option includes keeping all of your plugins up to date, and it includes two free content posts about your business. For small business owners it can be a real pain to drop what you are doing and perform basic maintenance on your WordPress Web site and adding new content, posts, is also a chore that a lot of people can do without. By simply keeping Santa Fe Michael updated on your upcoming sales for that great new special project you just finished, send us a short email and a pic or two bi-monthly and we will fashion a high quality post for you, letting your customers know the latest up to date information about your business. (Sorry, currently only available for WordPress Web sites, get yours today!)

We work with you every step of the way. We are located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and not offshore. We are always available to help our clients with questions and issues. Thank you for keeping your business within Indian Country and the United States!

* All offerings are custom created on your domain and Web Host
** Commercial Web sites may require an SSL certificate available from your domain registrar.

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