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And you have come to the right place. Santa Fe Michael Web Design specializes in Web sites from the smallest to the largest. Whether you have a need for a calling card/business card Web site ($100 special!) or an enterprise wide application that serves millions of customers, our services are available starting at $25 per hour. For our most popular deal, for only $195 dollars you can have a custom WordPress content management system (CMS) created and tailored for you – for either personal use or a huge publishing operation – or any other conceivable project to get your special content before the Web masses in an easily accessible way.

Santa Fe Michael Web Design Summer Specials!

Santa Fe Michael Web Design Summer Specials!

WordPress is one of the most popular Web publishing platforms on the planet. And it is incredibly user friendly once you have taken the time to master some basics or pay someone to help you get started off right. Out of the box WordPress is a full featured content management system (CMS) and blog, but to make it really usable and friendly for Web visitors, it helps to have someone you can trust to create your custom WordPress Web site and make the first day that it is available to the public a fantastic and most of all memorable user experience.

Here at Santa Fe Michael we specialize in getting your custom WordPress based Web site off and running smoothly from day one with all the features installed that you would expect to see when you visit your site for the first time. Once you get your domain name picked out and you have signed up to a good Web host, and selected a great looking theme for your new Web site from the great themes available at WordPress, Santa Fe Michael will work closely with you to take your content and photos and business practices to a new level where your users can see in great detail the services and products that you have on offer showcased in a unique way to fit your business or personal needs.

For a small price of $195 dollars we will create for you a custom WordPress Web site with all the bells and whistles including current Web statistics, spam protection, search engine optimization (SEO), specialized comment protection, specialized logins, social media, special contact optimizing and much more so updating and adding content to your new Web site is as easy as sending an email.

We hold your hand through the whole process and we do not abandon you after the sale. In fact, Santa Fe Michael can update and add evergreen quality content for you for a small monthly fee and ensure you have the latest information about your business or personal specialty so your users will grow and keep coming back for more.

Email Santa Fe Michael Today! The sooner you get started the sooner your users will be amazed at your beautiful Web site that is maintained by you or us.

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