Spruce up Your WordPress Web Site for Summer!


Summer 2015 is almost here and what better time to get together the moving parts for an easy to use Custom WordPress Website!

I can do the customizations that you visualize, and get you started off with an easy to update and easy to add-to Web site for business or pleasure.

There is no need to complicate your life when setting up a new Custom WordPress Web site, I will get it up and running for you in the way that you want it and you can dedicate yourself to working on good content of the kind that made you want to set up a Web Based Content Management System (CMS) in the first place.

WordPress has become a premier CMS over the years, evolving to a full-featured Web Publishing Platform, that is run by some of the biggest names on the Internet. NBC, CBS, CNN to Time, the NFL and the BBC use WordPress. WordPress is a high visibility and wide ranging stable platform for you to publish your content on the Web in a way that will get you noticed!

Speaking of content, we provide Evergreen content, content that stands the test of time, for several large Web sites and many smaller ones, from Real Estate to E-Commerce and we can create for you evergreen content to fill out your site and bring visitors back to learn more about your services, or product, and action ideas.

We offer maintenance services for your Web site so you can concentrate on your business. All we need is occasional updates from you and we will formulate that information into Web postings that keep your audience informed on the direction, goals and milestones of your business.

When I create a basic custom WordPress Web site for you there are a lot of extras included, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, custom logins to match your theme and much more to get you off and running with a terrific Web site that is ready and waiting for your great content.

Whether you have something to sell or just want to tell Web surfers about your personal gardening tips and tricks, now is a good time to get started when Spring is in the air.

Email Santa Fe Michael Web Design or call 505-819-3410 today to get started!

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