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Santa Fe Michael

Santa Fe Michael

Don’t be fooled by those free offers! As most of us know, nothing in life is truly free. Once you get a Web site on your domain you are going to want it to do something! You are going to have questions, you are going to have ideas, you are going to be inspired, and you will want to do things that you have seen on the Web elsewhere.

That’s where someone like me comes in. When I say a Business Card Special for $100 I’m not offering to just throw something up for you on the Web and then leave you hanging. I will help you with product placement and graphics, hosting and registering your domain, and of course advertising, and then I will walk you through how it works, together with you, to help you make your new Web site be successful.

When I offer a $195 WordPress custom Web site on your domain and your host, I mean just that, custom.

When you come to me you are going to have a vision. You are going to have some ideas. It is part of my package price to work with you and make your vision real. I will help with with additional plugins, updates, content, developing pages versus posts, categories, look and feel, logins, search engine optimization (SEO), and all those little details that others don’t mention up front. Those details can trip you up unless you have someone like me, who knows their way around, to help you.

You may not even want to know about all that. You might be looking for a turnkey solution. In that case I can turn your vision into reality and then simply concentrate on your content and updating your Web site on an ongoing basis for a small monthly fee. We do regular maintenance work on Web sites including the creation of evergreen content that matches your business model.

I’m fair, I am knowledgeable, and I have been at this computer thing for literally decades. I’ve been working on the Internet since 1990. I can provide references to more than several Internet related patents, and whatever your need, I can help because I have solid, proven experience.

From custom graphic designs to custom business logos, and all the small elegant touches that make a Web site truly worthwhile, I hope you let me take care of your Web Design and your Internet Application needs. I promise I can help.

Santa Fe Michael

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